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— by KFrenzel KFrenzel
We bought 80 acres last November about 16 miles up Big Tank Road on Grass Hopper Run. Since we could not reach the property with a car, we have since changed properties lol
We now have 110 acres 1 mile off of FM/RM 1111 in unit 610 and some friends of ours purchased 40 acres in unit 611 so that makes it nice that they are close by.
We are looking to build our home but still trying to locate several items....
1. Someone that can do the home construction. We are already having the blueprints drawn up.
2. Figuring out which electric company has the power lines in that area. There are electric poles and wires on FM1111 and a substation about 2 miles up the road.
3. Figuring out which way is the best way in to the property. We went there over Easter weekend and there were gates across most of the roads and cows running all over the place lol. Since it was a public named road, we were told it was okay to go through as long as we close the gate behind us. If anyone reading this figures that is their property, we apologize.

Once we get everything settled, we are contacting our cell phone provider and having a cell tower put in one area of the property.

Would love to know of anyone else that is in the 610 or 611 units.