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Thanks for getting back to me.  I also am on a Sierra Blanca facebook page and get a whole lot of info on there as well.  I'll keep your number handy in case I have more questions.  Merry Christmas!  Greg
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cheers, Sorry so long in getting back to you. I only check the blog occasionally. So first, I have verizon and it seems to be pretty good in most locations although there are some dead spots. I do have contacts for water tanks that can be picked up or delivered and there are plumbers that can install septic. There is only one problem. They all have to come from El Paso.  The Electric comes from Rio Grande electric co-op. It`s a lenthly band expensive process. Figure 6,000 dollars and up depending on how far you are from the main pole and about 6 months for completion.If you have more ?`s or want clarification you can text or call me @ 443-744-0175. I drive a truck for a living so I may not be able to have long conversations but sometimes I can.
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